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Make Perfect Camp Coffee (Backpacker Magazine)

By December 15, 2017 camping
cover of backpacker magazine

We love Backpacker Magazine.backpacker magazine cover january 2018

Great articles packed with information for the novice and pro alike. While flipping through next January’s issue, we were pulled in by a great spread on pages 24 and 25. The article was titled Camp Barista.

Coffee. Camping. Count us in.

backpacker magazine article camp barista make perfect camp coffee

On the bottom half of the article, they quickly and succinctly cover five common practices to make your own coffee while out camping.

The article continues to give the pros and cons of brewing your coffee using the ease of instant packets, down-and-dirty cowboy coffee, squeezing it with a French press, elegantly dripping it with a pour-over carafe and the technological marvel of an AeroPress.

The only thing the article lacked was a sturdy coffee mug to drink it out of. If only we had known they were writing this article we would have sent them one to use…on us.

backpacker magazine january 2018 page 24backpacker magazine january 2018 page 25

Looking for something more durable — and eco-friendly — than a cheap plastic cup? Check check out our stainless steel camping mugs here.

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