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Stainless Steel Handleless Mugs

By August 22, 2017 coffee mugs
stainless steel handleless mugs [Titan Gear Online, LLC]

Stainless steel handleless mugs by Titan Gear Online are durable, eco-friendly, versatile and stylish.

Coffee mugs are undergoing a transformation due to convenience, health impacts, environmental aspects, and elegance. People who have purchased porcelain, enamel, ceramic and glass cups, which have dominated the mug world for years, are moving towards stainless steel. Stainless steel handleless mugs—or lowball tumblers as we like to call them—not only provide a host of benefits to the user but can also surprisingly come in an elegant design. Some people may not believe the benefits of stainless steel mugs, but the truth is; they have been tried and tested over time.

Here are some of the benefits you can get by embracing stainless steel mugs:

Stainless steel handleless mugs are rugged enough to last a lifetime

Having been used for years to manufacture household goods and appliances, stainless steel has proven quite hard to destroy. In addition, it demonstrates impeccable, long-lasting capabilities when used over and over. To add to its durability, stainless steel has excellent strength-to-weight ratio relative to other materials like traditional plastics, glass, ceramics, porcelain, and even aluminum.

In fact, some institutions and events prohibit ceramic and glass mugs due to safety and health concerns. Aluminum mugs come close to stainless steel mugs regarding functionality, but stainless steel outweighs them regarding toughness. Also, ceramic mugs are disadvantageous since they are prone to corrosion and pinhole leaks. Studies show that the synthetic interior lining in most ceramic mugs is prone to failure over the years.

Traditional plastics mugs are a no-go these days because they repeatedly show they are prone to crack and degrade in quality during use, cleaning or come in contact with harsh compounds. Mugs made of compostable PLA are not as superior as their stainless steel counterparts since they are less tolerant to super hot beverages. They easily melt at temperatures of over 110° F, and aren’t good for storage in certain warm conditions.

Stainless steel handleless mugs are easy to clean and maintain

It’s without a doubt that stainless steel is easy to clean and maintain. It also exhibits corrosion, stain, and rust-free capabilities. Manufacturers of steel products alleviate the hassle to users by designing stainless steel products with wide mouth openings that are user-friendly. In addition, you can clean stainless steel with ease regardless of whether you are using a dishwasher or you’re cleaning the mug by hand. Also, stainless steel handleless mugs leave no nooks and crannies unreachable which could encourage bacteria or harmful elements to thrive. If you clean and properly maintain your stainless steels mugs, they can serve you for many years to come.

Stainless steel is safe for food and drinks

Discoveries in recent studies show that aluminum and plastic are loaded with toxic chemicals such as Phthalates and BPA. This research leads consumers away from mugs made of these materials. These consumers have instantly taken to stainless steel mugs since stainless steel offers a healthy alternative. The reason buyers are flocking to the stainless-steel option is because it’s free of toxic chemicals such as Phthalates, BPA and other compounds like zinc and lead.

Stainless steel is recognized globally for its hygienic and antibacterial attributes. This is why it is widely embraced in the food and beverage sector, plus a majority of sterile surgical institutions. Unlike mugs manufactured with other materials, stainless steel doesn’t leak chemicals. Stainless steel mugs also neutralize the need for special interior coating or synthetic lining to be effective. On top of that, stainless steel mugs do not react with acidic beverages.

Most individuals prefer stainless steel mugs since they don’t impart bad smells or flavors to their beverage. They bring about a neutral taste.

Stainless steel handleless mugs are reusable, recyclable, and better for our planet

Stainless steel is eco-friendly. It can be used over and over for a long period, hence minimizing the amount of waste in the landfills. Statistics are stark; each year, over a billion cubic meters of plastic materials end up in landfills. This trend could lead to a serious environmental disaster if left unabated.

Stainless steel mugs can also be repeatedly reused and recycled when they outlive their usefulness. Successive survey studies show that a single individual using stainless steel products over their full life cycle can keep an enormous number of disposable cups or other substances out of landfills.

Stackable stainless steel handleless mugs for saving space

Like those red plastic cups your friends use at parties, stainless steel handleless mugs are stackable.

Ceramic or porcelain mugs, on the other hand, cannot be stacked. Having more stainless steel mugs means saving a lot of space in the kitchen. You can stack our lowball tumblers without fear of breakage.

Throw your stainless steel handleless mugs in the freezer

It’s a fact that a drop in temperature affects the functionality of certain materials. For example, some materials like ceramic and aluminum can easily warp, bend, or fracture when subjected to cold or freezing temperatures. This is why it is used in the food-service industry to store foods for months in the deep freezer. If you are a cold beverage enthusiast, stainless steel mugs will serve you better as they can maintain cold temperatures for long periods of time without bending, fracturing or shattering.

Engrave your stainless steel handleless mugs for personalization

These days, people want to buy products or gifts customized to their needs. Because stainless steel is non-porous, it easily allows imprints without bleeding. Ink colors will stick and remain for years without fading or rubbing off. Are you looking to add something that won’t rub off over time? We manufacture our stainless steel handleless mugs for easy engraving. Take a look for yourself.

Stainless steel is more durable than ceramic, porcelain, enamel or glass mugs and tumblers

When you step into a restaurant or coffee shop and order coffee, you’ll most likely receive it in a porcelain mug. Porcelain mugs are typical in most coffee shops because they have good heat retention properties compared to other materials like glass, ceramic or enamel. But even as porcelain continues to dominate the coffee shop landscape, stainless steel handleless mugs are catching up. However, when it comes to durability, stainless steel mugs beat all the options out there, hands down.

Reap tomorrow’s investment today with stainless steel handleless mugs

Because of the many benefits of stainless steel like durability, recyclability, reusability and nontoxicity, investing in these mugs is a great investment for now and tomorrow. To add to the many benefits, stainless steel mugs look great even without the custom graphic imprints common on most mugs. Selecting stainless steel mugs for your next bulk purchase is a cost-effective and long-lasting investment that exemplifies a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Why buy stainless steel handleless mugs from Titan Gear?

Bigger savings on purchase of 2 or 4 units

Many online and offline stores offer a wide range of stainless steel mugs. But their prices may only work against your budget. We have competitive prices for our mugs. If you purchase 2 or 4 units, you benefit by receiving big discounts of up to 25% and 37%, respectively.

Our stainless steel handleless mugs hold up to 11 oz

Mugs come in a wide range of capacities to suit specific situations. Some come in 16 oz capacity while others go as low as 7 oz. Our stainless steel mugs come in 11 oz capacity which allows anyone to take his or her favorite beverage on the road.

Chrome-like finish reflects your rugged or refined lifestyle

Everyone loves to be associated with elegance. Our stainless steel mugs come with a chrome-like finish that offers glamor and elegance for conversation in your breakfast nook or the rugged environment that only a campsite with Mother Nature can provide.

Where can you buy stainless steel handleless mugs?

Grab your gear here

The ever growing plastic menace across the world prompts organizations like Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to take steps to curb the plastic proliferation. This phenomenon leads to an ever increasing upsurge of stainless steel as a perfect alternative. With that said, the coming years should witness an explosion of stainless steel products in the marketplace. Become part of the revolution by buying stainless steel handleless mugs from Titan Gear now, for the future.

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