Q.: Does Titan Gear Online engrave mugs?

A.: At this time, no, we do not.

Q.: Are your mugs good quality or are they a combination of different elements like nickel, aluminum or copper, to save money?

A.: They are 100% stainless steel.

Q.: Where are they manufactured?

A.: In order to provide the highest quality product at the lowest cost to our customers, we manufacture them in China… like our competitors. As you go around your favorite sporting goods stores, you’ll notice most products are manufactured overseas in order to provide affordable products to its customers.

Q.: Do you provide retailer discounts on volume?

A.: Yes, please contact us using the form found here.

Q.: Do you offer different sizes?

A.: No.

Q.: Are lids available for your coffee mugs?

A.: No.

Q.: How can I clean my mug?

A.: You have two options:
Use a dishwasher
Add a little bit of mild dish soap and warm water.

Q.: Do you sell them at any retailers?

A.: Currently, no.

Q.: What is your warranty policy?

A.: You can view our warranty here.

Q.: Do I need to pay for shipping?

A.: Nope! Use the following code and you get free shipping for any order up to four.
Coupon code: SSCM18

Q.: Do you ship internationally?

A.: No.