Want Unique Camping Gifts Delivered To Your Door… For Free?

Get Mugs Of Steel… For Your Man Of Steel.


  • Fold away the handles or stack them for easy storage.
  • Shatterproof design with an extra wide base
  • ✅ Double-wall construction keeps your beverages hot (or cold) longer than ceramic, porcelain or glass mugs
  • ✅ 100% stainless steel material that’s BPA free, toxin free, plastic free, rust-free and is non-corrosive
  • ✅ Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

Ding ’em… Drop ’em… Just don’t doubt ’em.

Coffee mugs from Titan Gear Online are made of 100% shatterproof stainless steel.

Other coffee mugs are composed of inferior materials like ceramic, porcelain, glass or even “space-aged” materials like titanium. But the problem is they chip, crack or even shatter.

But our mugs aren’t only built with the durability in mind… but safety too.

“Great mug! It says its for camping but I use it everyday at home. It keeps the coffee warm, but I love the toughness and ruggedness of the mug. It is thick stainless steel. They did not skimp on quality at all. I’ve even started drinking bourbon out of it. Its just so cool and heavy and strong. Its a man’s mug!”


  • ✅ BPA free
  • ✅ Toxin free
  • ✅ Plastic free
  • ✅ Non-corrosive
  • ✅ Rust free

You make it hot, we keep it hot.

After your percolator has brewed your morning’s wake-up call, pour a perfect cup into one of our 11-oz mugs and enjoy the sunrise that Mother Nature has in store. The double-wall body of our mugs keeps your coffee, tea or morning scramble insulated while also protecting your hands from harm.

“This mug is something I never thought I’d need … until I tried it. Now I don’t like to use anything else out camping or hiking!”


Ice it and Forget it.

But these mugs won’t just keep the contents hot… they’ll keep your beer chilled or whiskey warm as you share them with friends around the campfire.

We ran a test where we look a few ice cubes from the freezer, dropped them in some lukewarm water in our mug and went about our business for the day.

We checked every hour on the hour for six hours. Even after half a day in 76° heat… the ice was still floating!

stainless steel coffee mug retains cold better than most mugs

Save the elbow grease

You pride yourself on being self-reliant.

You’re not afraid of hard work and actually enjoy a little sweat on your brow as a result. But you also value your time. You plan your day based on priorities like family, faith and fun.

Because of those priorities, the last thing you want to do is spend waste time scrubbing away caked-on coffee grounds from your early morning cup o’ joe.

how to clean stainless steel coffee mug with coffee groundshow to clean stainless steel coffee mug with coffee grounds

With a drop of mild dish soap, some warm water and the cleaning utensil of your choice, you’ll have a clean coffee mug that will last you decades.

Or drop them in the dishwasher and let technology do the cleaning for you.

Techs & Specs


  • Material: 100%, environmentally-safe stainless steel
  • Width: 4 inches
  • Height: 3 inches
  • Weight (empty): 7.05 ounces


  • ✅ BPA free
  • ✅ Toxin free
  • ✅ Plastic free
  • ✅ Non-corrosive
  • ✅ Rust free

Product Care

  • Clean with warm water and mild dish soap
  • Dishwasher safe!
handleless coffee mug
set of two stainless steel camping mugs

A personal gift… for your person.

When it comes to spending money, you’re intentional with every penny. There’s no room to be frivolous with your hard earned money.

The next time you want to get your outdoor enthusiast something unique that they will actually use (for years to come)…

… forget about the solar powered phone charger, overpriced boots or inflatable mattress. Get them something you know they’ll use every day. (And think of you with every sip.)